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Richardson & Wrench Miranda

Miranda Property Management

R&W Residential Miranda and R&W Commercial Sutherland Shire are very proud of the improvements that have taken place recently within our businesses under the guidance of King Real Estate. There has been a surprising natural growth in our client base which we hope reflects the renewed energy and dedication that is now at the core of our attitude.

Richardson & Wrench Miranda Property Management We have completed the renovations of our original office, specifically for the Residential business, and the creation of a separate office for our Commercial business. The offices now typify the dynamic direction our businesses are taking. They include new décor and branding, customer comfort with lounge areas and the best coffee, private boardrooms and new reception areas. We are delighted to introduce our two full-window, 2.5m by 2m projectors the first in the Sutherland Shire and the Australian R&W network and the perfect vehicle to advertise and bring attention to your property or building development.

In addition to retaining our key staff, some of who have been providing quality service to our clients for over twenty five years, we have employed additional support and sales staff in both offices. Our increased team is supported by the latest websites, property management software and computer hardware. We are motivated by the fact that clients with property all over the state of NSW are delighted with our service and put their trust in us to get the best result for them, each and every time.

Specialist property management services in the Miranda and Sutherland areas are offered by Richardson & Wrench Miranda Residential.

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565 The Kingsway, Miranda, New South Wales, Australia, 2228


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Richardson & Wrench Miranda

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Richardson & Wrench Miranda Property Management

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Phone: 02 9525 5199

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